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Our Services

Clinical Care

Sign up for a private pay membership to include a yearly routine comprehensive functional medicine physical exam and support.

This complements perfectly with health plan reimbursed care, according to our advanced whole health primary care model.

Chronic Care Management

If you have two or more qualifying chronic diseases you may qualify for chronic care management covered by your insurance. This offers an added degree of connected care that can help to improve your health and keep you out of the hospital. 

Remote Patient Monitoring

See if you qualify to participate in a remote patient monitoring program reimbursed by your insurance. Remote patient monitoring allows your provider and staff to monitor your health more closely with the use of remote monitoring technology that you can use to monitor your blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, and more to help optimize your health. 

Education Programs

Education and skills are essential to reaching optimal health. Continue the journey with us today. Programs coming soon through our Whole Health Academy.

Laboratory and DNA Testing

Diagnostic laboratory complemented by DNA testing is critical to understanding the state of your  health and to discovering the root causes of disease. Obtain state of the art testing that gives you this information utilizing comprehensive routine laboratory testing and incorporating specialty functional medicine testing and genomic testing.

Integrative Pharmacy

Get access to nutrient, dietary supplement, and medication prescriptions customized to best fit your needs. Incorporate these with traditional and if needed compounded pharmacy prescriptions to personalize your care.


See your doctor or health coach virtually with telehealth visits, providing the convenience and access you need, when you need it. Family members can be invited to participate in your telehealth visit, if you provide consent. 

Health Coaching

Health coaching is included with our Whole Gold and Whole Platinum memberships. Health coaching education is also a part of our Group Medical Visit model. Enjoy the added support from this valuable member of your care team! 

Health coaches also assist with some of our Whole Health Academy education programs (in development).

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