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Chinese Medicine Consultations

A collection of natural raw herbal ingredients as part of an herbal tonic formula used in
We offer several options:

1. A Chinese Medicine Source Accupoint Essential Oil Consultation with
    Charles A. Lininger, LAc (Virtual Only) 

2. A Chinese Integrative Medicine collaborative specialty visit with your integrative medicine physician (Virtual) and a Chinese medicine practitioner (Virtual or In Person)
  • To facilitate coordination and integration of care
  • To ensure you get the laboratory testing your Chinese medicine provider advises
  • To receive a personalized Chinese herbal prescription informed by Chinese integrative medicine care
  • Use one of your Whole.MD membership physician follow up visits for this purpose, if you desire, or inquire for cost

3. A referral to a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, one in our network or another, near you, for acupuncture treatment or Chinese herbal medicine consultation

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