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Herbal Medicine Consultation

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About Herbal Medicine Consultations

  • Dr. Lininger is an integrative and functional medicine physician who also has training in western herbalism and in the use of adaptogens and mycomedicinals. She can also incorporate Chinese herbal medicine treatment in her care.
  • Herbal medicine consultations are available for $90.00 for the cost of a 30 minute virtual herbal medicine consultation, or $180.oo for a 60 minute visit.
  • Note: Herbal medicine consultations are an out of pocket expense    and may not qualify for HSA/FSA/HRA reimbursement. The dietary supplements recommended by Dr. Lininger may however qualify. Please inquire with your advisor.  
  • Herbal products and formulas (available as extracts or actual dried herbs) may be prescribed from our hand selected participating quality dietary supplement and herbal dispensaries. Our farmacy also has a limited number of commercially available herbal medicine products available for retail sale. 

  • Consultation includes instructions on how to take the herbs and any follow up questions related to taking the herbs you may have.

  • Your herbal prescription can either be drop shipped to you, mailed to you, or picked up at our site. You are responsible for paying for the cost of the products and delivery and shipping fees.

  • We do not sell individual or bulk herbs from our company or farmacy but depending on your condition and what is recommeded, as a part of your herbal consultation we may provide you free, and at no added cost, an initial sachel of herbs to prepare as a tea, herbal foot or hand soak, to use as a topical compress.


Call 984-364-8441 if you would like to schedule a

herbal medicine consultation with Dr. Lininger.

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