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Laboratory and DNA/ Genetic Testing

The Role of Laboratory Testing in
Advanced Whole Health Care

Most primary care practices only routinely perform conventional laboratory testing as a way to diagnose disease

The Value of
Advanced Whole Health Care 
For You

You get the advantage of


Comprehensive Routine
Laboratory Testing

Specialty Functional Medicine
Laboratory Testing


Laboratory Testing

Comprehensive Conventional and Routine Laboratory Testing Offered through Major Reference Laboratories Nationwide.

Specialty Functional Medicine Laboratory Testing that Can Inform You of the Earliest Physiological Imbalances and Cellular Changes of Disease

Specialty Genetic,  Genomic, and Epigenetic Testing to Provide Personalized Precision Medicine Care Based on YOUR specific inherited traits


Comprehensive Routine Laboratory Testing


We order comprehensive routine laboratory testing through a number of major national reference laboratories, including LabCorp and Quest.


We will electronically send lab requisitions to these labs and will also provide you with a laboratory test requisition to take with you. At your convenience (fasting may be required), you can schedule an appointment to get your blood drawn at a convenient local patient service center.  If our test involves saliva or urine, you will pick up your test collection kits there.


If you elect to use insurance, you will be responsible for paying the laboratory directly for any fees not covered by insurance. Depending on your insurance, you may get a separate bill from the laboratory that performs your lab work.

​Please provide a drivers license and insurance card at time of new patient registration or visit and also bring your lab requisition documents to the Lab Corp or Quest patient service center at the time of your appointment.


Note: Fasting (a 12 Hour Overnight Fast, eg. 9pm to 9 am) is generally  required for new patient panels and any lab testing that incorporates lipid and/or blood sugar testing. 


No charge is issued by Integrative Path for ordering laboratory tests during a visit.


No charge will be issued for new laboratory orders initiated between visits, if you have enrolled in one of our membership plans, as this service is included free as part of your membership, for laboratory testing related to your health care path.


For new laboratory tests initiated between visits related to care reimbursed by insurance, we may bill your insurance for our time spent, and you may be subject to a small copay. 

Your laboratory results will be shared with you and explained to you at your follow up appointment. 


A number of specialty functional medicine laboratory tests may be recommended to understand the condition of your health and any physiological imbalances. We contract with a number of specialty functional medicine laboratories to provide this testing for you.

Your physician or clinical provider will order these tests with your approval, and you will receive a lab test kit in the mail delivered to your home. Fill out the requisition, and follow the instructions for collecting your urine, hair, finger stick blood, or saliva sample at home. If blood drawing is required, you will generally be instructed to go to the Any Lab Test Now laboratory center closest to you, as this laboratory can draw your blood for send out tests (LabCorp and Quest do not offer this service at this time). Then mail the kit back directly to the laboratory and your results will be shared with your provider who will share them with you at your follow up appointment.



Each individual laboratory has its own policy regarding payment for their laboratory tests. Some may qualify for insurance coverage, some may be only partially covered, and others may be entirely out of pocket depending on your health plan coverage and the laboratory test. Your physician, each specialty laboratory, and your insurer can help provide guidance on this. 

Once you and your provider settle on the specialty functional medicine laboratory testing needed, your physician or clinician will order the test, you will either pay the practice directly for the test kit or you will be instructed to pay the specialty laboratory directly. 

Any Lab Test Now typically charges a fee in the range of $35.00 per tube of blood drawn for this service.

Of note, the cost of laboratory testing is generally a qualifying and reimbursable expense for most HSA/ FSA/HRA plans. Inquire with your advisor to confirm that you qualify.

No charge is issued by Integrative Path for ordering specialty functional medicine laboratory tests recommended during a visit or for orders initiated between visits for members of one of our programs.

Specialty Functional Medicine Laboratory Testing

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