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Ruth Lininger, MD MPH
Medical Director

Dr. Lininger has been a physician for over 25 years, practicing as a fellowship trained Gynecologic and Breast pathologist, researcher, and educator for the first part of her career. She subsequently completed a 2 year fellowship from the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine and obtained training at the Institute of Functional Medicine, in order to practice integrative and functional medicine, which she sees as the future of medicine. She is a Wahls Certified Practitioner and a Bredeson Protocol Certified Practitioner who trained with ReCODE (MPI Cognition). She incorporates the Walsh Protocol to treat behavioral disease. She has completed the Duke Integrative Health Leadership Program and has an academic appointment as Adjunct Associate Professor at UNC in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.


Dr. Lininger is also a physician executive and the CEO of Duchess Health, an integrated platform which aims to virtualize and deliver these and other health innovations to consumers and to self funded employers and their employees. Her mission is to make this type of root cause medicine more accessible to people, and is creating a model for this type of care and an innovative clinical and behavior-based health plan that pays it.

Facing a chronic disease epidemic now affecting one in two adults and a global catastrophe of rising environmental toxicity, species and habitat destruction, and global warming, the answer is a clinical solution and a return to the principles of whole health.

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A Managed Health Approach Working Collaboratively Together

Our model of care is to work as an alliance together with the client and other members of the care team and family to identify the root cause of health issues for our clients, to develop a personalized, whole health care plan, providing the information, support, skills training, and encouragement clients need to implement meaningful changes on their journey to optimal health and a vital life. 

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