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  • Dr. Ruth Lininger

Bee Healthy: Medicinal Uses of Honey Products

Bees produce honey which of course is great --your own honey is magical, but there are many, many medicinal uses of honey, too. When ingested raw, it is great for reducing allergies for those with seasonal allergies (locally sourced honey is best for this purpose, obviously). Honey is also a great topical antimicrobial and wound dressing, I use it instead of bacitracin. In my personal experience it is just as good. Propolis is a great broad spectrum antimicrobial, I have a friend who uses it with success to prevent chronic urinary tract infections. Royal jelly collected from inside the extra queen cells you decide you don't need is supposed to be great for wrinkles, used topically. And the wax is great for making homemade candles. Of course if you are allergic to bees, then these bee products are not for you!

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