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Miscellaneous Services

Chronic Care Management (CCM) and

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Chronic Care Management (CCM) Services (per member per month)           Inquire


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Services (per member per month)           Inquire


Technology Bundle (weight scale, blood pressure monitor,                             Inquire

         glucometer, thermometer, and O2 saturation monitor) 

Bundled Technology, CCM, plus RPM Services                                                  Inquire 

Individual Bundled Programs

Preventing and Treating Cognitive Decline, Bundled Program                                 Inquire

Preventing and Treating Autoimmune Disease Bundled Program                           Inquire

Preventing and Treating Diabetes and Prediabetes Bundled Program                   Inquire

Identifying and Removing Food Allergies with an Elimination Diet, Bundle           Inquire

10% Discount for Payment in Full Program by Cash, Check, or Credit Card at the Time of Enrollment; Quarterly Payments Can Be Scheduled with a Credit Card

Insurance is not Accepted

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements to Groups  $300/ 60 minutes, consisting of a 45 minute talk and 15 minutes for Q&A (cost can be divided by numbers of individuals attending, eg. $10 per person if 30 people attend)

Inquire About Topics Available for Speaking Engagements and Health Education Classes

Payment In Advance by Credit Card, Check, or Cash, is Due at the Time

the Speaking Engagement is Scheduled; If the Date is Cancelled, Rescheduling Once is Permitted

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