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Would You Like to Feel Better?

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Do Any of These Apply to You?

Are You Tired of Being Told There is Nothing More that Can Be Done to Help You?

Would You Like to Find Out WHY You Are Sick So You Can DO Something About it?


Would a Personalized Program to Deal with the Root Cause of Your Disease Be of Value To You?

Are You Ready to Set Some Specific and Measurable Health Goals and Work Towards Reaching Your Optimal Health with a Physician Trained in Functional Medicine?

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Our Innovative Care Model

Patient Centered
Advanced Whole Health Care

Sign up as a Member and Receive a Yearly Comprehensive Routine Functional Medicine Physical Exam and related Communication and Technology Support

Pay for Your Membership with Your
Qualifying HSA/FSA/HRA

Use your Qualifying Private Insurance or Medicare/ Medicare Advantage Plan
to Pay for Plan Covered Services

(Not Available Yet, But On the Horizon)

The Best of Both Worlds

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Nutritional Cooking
Herbal Medicine
Vegetable Garden
Innovative Technologies in medicine
Nutrition & Food Plans

Identify and Remove Food Allergens, Receive Therapeutic Food Plans that Support Your Optimal Weight, Nutrition, and Health; Receive Coaching for an Elimination Diet

Lifestyle and Fitness

Personalized Programs for Movement/ Activity, Fitness, Strength and Muscle Training, Balance, and Flexibility to Support Optimal Health

Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring

See if You Qualify for Chronic Care Management or Remote Patient Monitoring paid through your insurance. Incorporate Care and Technology to Monitor And Better Manage Your Chronic Diseases.

Education to Prevent and Treat Chronic Disease

Participate in One of Our Online Education Programs to Learn Strategies to Prevent and Treat Chronic Disease, Based on the Science of Integrative and Functional Medicine, from the Comfort of Your Own Home.

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Whole Blue
Whole Gold Membership
Whole Platinum Membership


 Employee Wellness Program Focusing on ROI
Executive Physicals
Custom Health Plan

The Integrative Path Care Model

Patient Centered
Advanced Whole Health Care

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Personalized, Patient Centered

Preventive, Proactive 


Health Technology Support

Communication Support

Electronic Health Record

Whole Health Primary Care

Tax Advantaged

Medicare Compliant

6 in 10

4 in 10



Adults with 1 or More

Chronic Diseases

According to CDC

Adults with 2 or More

Chronic Diseases

According to CDC

Average Number of Prescriptions Per Capita 

% of Americans on atleast 1 prescription medication


“I'm feeling so much better on this diet and the supplements. I have a lot more energy, no bloating and my skin is looking and feeling a lot better. Thank you for helping me get my life back to normal!”

"Thank you, this is super helpful!!"

"It was a pleasure to meet you and never in my life have I experienced a practitioner who was willing to take a complete history. Thank you."

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