Clinical and Education Services Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule for In Person Appointments



                 Initial 1 Time Registration Fee                         $150.00


                                          Invitation to an Electronic Medical Record for Your Laptop or                                                                Computer Where You Can Store Your Medical Records and Access Dr.                                              Lininger via Messaging

                                        Invitation to Spruce Health Communications App for HIPAA Compliant                                             Text Messaging Via Your Mobile Phone

                                        Invitation to Fullscript Dispensary Where Dr. Lininger Can                                                                      Recommend Specific Dietary Supplements For You

                                        Access to Whole Farmacy as a Patient with Rush Same Day Home                                                    Delivery of In-Stock Health Products (For An Additional Fee, for                                                          Qualifying Zip Codes)

                                        Comprehensive New Patient Package with Health Assessment                                                            Questionnaires to Track Your Health


                New Patient Visit (In Person)                          $450.00



                                        2 Hour Visit

                                        Comprehensive New Patient Health Intake

                                        Supplement Prescription

                                        Laboratory Test Order

                                        Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Access Via Computer

                                        HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging Via EMR and Computer

                                        30 Days Free HIPAA Compliant SMS Text Messaging Via

                                                   Mobile Smart Phone or Tablet


                 Additional visit time, if needed, is prorated at $300.00/hour

                 Follow up Visits (In Person, Via Videoconferencing, or Via Phone)     $300.00/ hour




                                      1 Hour Visit                                                 

                                      Review and Modification of Care Plan

                                      Supplement Review and Additional Prescriptions If Needed

                                      Herbal Prescription, if Desired

                                      Laboratory Test Order


                 $300.000 minimum for in person follow up visit is required

                 Additional visit time, if needed, is prorated at $300.00/hour   


                 Pharmacy Prescriptions (Traditional Pharmacy or Compounding Pharmacy)               


                $50.00 will be charged to provide a prescription (the cost of an in person, virtual,                            or phone visit is an additional charge)


                 Herbal Consultations

                $75.00 is the cost of a 15 minute herbal consultation (herbs included free)



                 Lab Test Orders


                Lab Tests through LabCorp and Quest are Provided to Patients Who May chose to

                Self Pay, or to Charge Their Insurance; Please note, we do not client bill and we do

                not bill insurance


                Please provide drivers license and insurance card at time of new patient visit,                                  and bring these documents to the Lab Corp or Quest patient service center at the                        time of blood drawing


                No Charge Is Issued for Ordering Laboratory Tests requested during a Visit

                Laboratory Test Orders Placed Between Visits Will be Charged $50.00 for the time

                it takes to place the order

                Specialty functional medicine laboratory tests will be ordered for patients at                                    each individual laboratory's cash price list for patients


                 $50.00 will be charged for physician to fill out forms

                 $25.00 will be charged for a notarized signature to be obtained

Payment by Cash, Check, or Credit Card is Expected at the Time of the Appointment

We Do Not Accept Private Insurance But Can Provide A Superbill For you To File For Reimbursement

We Do Not Accept Medicare; Visits Are Not Currently Reimburseable by Medicare as Our Physician Provider Has Opted Out of Medicare to Provide this Type of Care; Labs may still be covered

HIPAA Compliant Access to Physician by SMS Text

HIPAA Compliant SMS Text Access with Physician                              


                First 30 days                                                                           Free, as Introductory Service


                After initial Free 30 day trial                                                $25/ month

Issues requiring more than 5 minutes to resolve, will require paying for a phone, virtual, or in person visit


Chronic Care Management (CCM) and

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Chronic Care Management (CCM) Services (per member per month)           Inquire


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Services (per member per month)           Inquire


Technology Bundle (weight scale, blood pressure monitor,                             Inquire

         glucometer, thermometer, and O2 saturation monitor) 

Bundled Technology, CCM, plus RPM Services                                                  Inquire 

Individual Bundled Programs

Preventing and Treating Cognitive Decline, Bundled Program                                 Inquire

Preventing and Treating Autoimmune Disease Bundled Program                           Inquire

Preventing and Treating Diabetes and Prediabetes Bundled Program                   Inquire

Identifying and Removing Food Allergies with an Elimination Diet, Bundle           Inquire

10% Discount for Payment in Full Program by Cash, Check, or Credit Card at the Time of Enrollment; Quarterly Payments Can Be Scheduled with a Credit Card

Insurance is not Accepted

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements to Groups  $300/ 60 minutes, consisting of a 45 minute talk and 15 minutes for Q&A (cost can be divided by numbers of individuals attending, eg. $10 per person if 30 people attend)

Inquire About Topics Available for Speaking Engagements and Health Education Classes

Payment In Advance by Credit Card, Check, or Cash, is Due at the Time

the Speaking Engagement is Scheduled; If the Date is Cancelled, Rescheduling Once is Permitted

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