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Fee For Service Clinical Care

Fee Schedule for Appointments

Initial 1 Time Registration Fee                               $150.00


                           Invitation to an Electronic Medical Record for Your Laptop or Computer

                           Where You Can Store Your Medical Records and Access Your Providers

                           Via Messaging

                          Invitation to Spruce Health Communications App for HIPAA Compliant

                          Text Messaging Via Your Mobile Phone, Available as a Free Introductory Service

                          for the First 30 Days

                          Invitation to Fullscript Dispensary Where Dr. Lininger Can Recommend Specific

                          Prescription Grade Dietary Supplements For You

                          Access to Whole Farmacy as a Patient with Rush Same Day Home Delivery of

                          In-Stock Health Products For Qualifying Zip Codes (Delivery Fees May Apply)

                           Comprehensive New Patient Package with Health Assessment Questionnaires

                           to Track Your Health

New Patient Visit (In Person)                                  $450.00 for a 2 Hour Visit


                           New Patient Visit for Complex patients with multiple chronic diseases,

                           $450.00 for a 2 Hour Visit

                           Comprehensive Functional Medicine Intake and Exam (Modified for Virtual Visits)

                           Medication Review, and/or Prescriptions

                           Dietary Supplement and/or Herbal Prescription

                           Laboratory Testing Orders

                           Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Access Via Computer

                           HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging Via EMR Via Computer

                           30 Days Free Trial HIPAA Compliant SMS Text Messaging Via Mobile Smart Phone

                           or Tablet (Spruce Health)

                           Additional visit time, if needed, is prorated at $300.00/hour


First Follow up Visit (In Person or Via Phone or Telemedicine)     $300.00 for 1 hour visit


                           1 Hour Visit

                           Review of Comprehensive Care Plan and Discussion to Map Out Care

                           Review of Laboratory Test Results

                           Medication Review and Prescription, If Needed

                           Dietary Supplement/ Herbal Product and Prescription Review/Modification, If Needed

                           Additional time, if needed, is prorated at $300.00/hour


Subsequent Follow up Visits (In Person or Via Phone or Telemedicine).     $300.00/ hour, prorated


                          Phone or video consultations are $300.00/ hour, prorated, with a

                          minimum charge of $75.00 for up to fifteen minutes of consultation.

                          1 Hour is required if there has not been a visit in the last 3 months

                          You will be charged at the time of the visit unless you have prepaid.




               COVID rule changes have relaxed the requirement for an initial in person new patient visit,

               and as long as you are a resident of a state where the treating physician is licensed, physicians

               may conduct all visits remotely, at the discretion of the physician and your condition.


Pharmacy Prescriptions (Traditional Pharmacy or Compounding Pharmacy)

               No charge is issued for providing a prescription or refill during a visit.

               There is a $50.00 administrative fee for providing a prescription in between visits.

 Herbal Medicine Consultation

                Herbal medicine consultations are available for $75.00 for the cost of a 15 minute

                virtual herbal medicine consultation, or prorated at the rate of $300.00 per hour for

                longer visits. This can be added to a regular visit or provided separately.


                Whole Farmacy stocks a variety of western, culinary, and Chinese herbs.


                Herbs for your herbal prescription are included free with each herbal medicine

                consultation, pending availability of herbs.


                The herbal prescription can either be mailed to you, delivered to you via Whole Farmacy,

                or picked up at our site. Delivery fees apply.


                 Follow up consults will be arranged on an individual basis based on individual needs.


                We currently do not sell herbs.

Lab Test Orders

                 Routine laboratory testing is offered through LabCorp and Quest. We will electronically send                      lab requisitions to these labs and will also provide you with a laboratory test requisition

                 to take with you to obtain laboratory testing at a local patient service center (fasting may be



                 If you elect to use insurance, you will be responsible for paying the laboratory directly for any

                 fees not covered by insurance. Depending on your insurance, you may get a separate bill from

                 the laboratory that performs your lab work.

                 Please provide a drivers license and insurance card at time of new patient registration or visit                     and also bring these documents to the Lab Corp or Quest patient service center at the time                       of blood drawing.

                Specialty laboratory testing may also be recommended from other laboratories. Each                                  individual lab has its own policy regarding insurance coverage. Some testing is not covered by                  insurance at this time and you will may need to pay for this upfront. Your physician will provide                  guidance on this.


                When blood drawing is needed for specialty lab testing, you will be sent to an Any Lab Test                       Now laboratory center near you, as this laboratory will draw your blood for send out tests.                         (LabCorp and Quest do not offer this service at this time). Any Lab Test Now charges a fee in                     the range of $35.00 per tube of blood drawn, for this service.

                No charge is issued for ordering laboratory tests recommended during a visit.

                There is a $50.00 administrative fee for ordering laboratory tests in between visits.

Request for Physician to Fill Out Forms

                There is a $50.00 administrative fee for physicians to fill out forms.

                 There is an additional $50.00 administrative fee for obtaining a notarized signature.

HIPAA Compliant Access to Physician by SMS Text Via Spruce Health

                Text messaging access to your provider is a valuable adjunct for chronic care management.


                 The first 30 days of access to Spruce Health are free for new patients, as an introductory                             service.

                  Since Spruce Health is not integrated with our electronic health record CERBO we need to

                  charge a fee to cover the time involved to answer your questions and for the time involved in

                  making the text messages available in your EMR as part of your medical record each month.

                  After the initial free 30 day trial, access to Spruce Health can be continued for $20.00 a

                  month, with up to 5 text messages included for this rate.


                  If you send more than 5 text messages a month, we will charge a flat administrative fee of

                  $5.00 per each additional text message.

                  The number of text messages used each month will be calculated at the end of each month                    and your credit card on file will be charged at the end beginning of the next month for the                          number of text messages used the prior month. You will need to have a credit card on file.


                   If you join one of our membership programs, Spruce Health is bundled into this price and                           you will not receive additional charges for this service.

                  Please note, issues requiring more than 5 minutes of the practitioners time to resolve, will                          require scheduling a phone, virtual, or in person visit for which you will be charged.


                 Text messaging is not a substitute for regular visits which are considered essential to good                          medical care and practice, but is meant to be an adjunctive means of communication.



We are integrative/ functional medicine consultants and are not primary care service providers. As such we generally manage chronic diseases although we will assist with managing acute conditions if desired and at our discretion. We recommend that you have a primary care provider to manage your care but we may function in this capacity for you if desired and within our capacity.


If you are interested in learning more about functional medicine direct primary care services and a medical cost sharing plan, please inquire.




If your employer requires Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or Disability paperwork to be completed by your provider, we offer two options. 1. A form created by our practice that meets the needs of both employer and patient. Patients may request this form to be filled out at any time to clarify their current condition. The turnaround time for this form is usually 5 -7 business days. A $50.00 administrative fee is charged for filling this out. 2. Forms directly from your employer requiring additional information take considerable time for the staff to complete. We can complete these forms for you, however there is a 5-7 business day turnaround. In this circumstance and in special circumstances when a detailed narrative is required, a charge based on the time spent to write the document, prorated at the rate of $300.00 per hour, may be issued. Providing these forms is at the discretion of the physician and Integrative Path.




In order to be in compliance with NC State law and HIPAA regulations, we charge a per page charge, payable in advance, if you would like a copy of your records sent to you or another physician. This per page fee policy is available upon request. As always, if a collaborating physician (primary care or specialist) requests portions of your record to assist in your care, there is no charge.




Payment in full is required at the time of your visit and can be made with a credit card, HSA or FSA card, personal check, or cash.




We do not accept private insurance but can provide a superbill for you to file for reimbursement. Our providers are currently considered out of network providers.


We do not accept Medicare; visits are not currently reimburseable by Medicare as our physician provider has opted out of Medicare to provide this type of care.


Laboratory testing may still be covered.





All patients (members and non-members) will require the following at check-in: 1. Verified contact information 2. Current drivers license or valid photo ID   3. Payment of any Outstanding Balance.   In order to accommodate longer patient visits, we require 24-hour notice if you need to cancel a visit. There will be a charge of $25.00 for missing an appointment without giving our office 24-hour notice. We can be reached at 984-364-8441.


Returned Check Charge: Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) checks are subject to a $25.00 fee (in addition to fees from your bank). Collections Charge: Accounts that are not paid within 60 days from due date may be sent to an External Collection agency and reported to the Credit Bureau. In addition to your outstanding balance, a 33% surcharge may be added to cover our costs. In addition, you may be removed from the practice.


Integrative Path reserves the right to modify this financial agreement at any time. This agreement replaces and supersedes any prior agreement.



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